Licht Pause

 We Are All Under The Same Sun

foto Nico Wefers

 In Plain Sight

 Hiding In Plain Sight

 Model for a sculpture

 Exercise in living with ghosts

 High expectations at The Life Intense in W139 with PEACH


Museé des Possibilités

Gallerie Rianne Groen
29 November - 10 January - Opening Friday 28 November 19:00 22:00
Schietbaanstraat 21 Rotterdam

With works by: 
Yoeri Guépin
Tim Hollander
Dico Kruijsse
Daan Lievense
Luuk Schder 

File:Still Life with Chinese Bowl and Nautilus 1662 Willem Kalf.jpg


citron - citroen

Universality of representation
A show with Mathijs van Geest and Dico Kruijsse
Curated by Jeremias van Nieuwkoop for Stellwerk. Kassel D


This could be Rotterdam or anywhere
30 May to 1 June
Galeriefest 2014  Tokonoma Kassel
Fr/23.5.2014 - Sa/31.5.2014 - ALL DAY

Her index finger touches her upper lip when she looks at the things she likes. 

Before. People lived here. 

 Model; ||/|||/|\\|/